About Us

Founded in December 2012, based in Hyderabad. MEDGINI is a trusted and one stop solution for the Indian Pharmaceutical Companies to activate their Digital Marketing needs. Using communication, we strive in connecting your stakeholders in a smarter and better way.

Why did Pharma companies choose us?

  • Experience: We at MEDGINI have a rich experience of 9 years working for launching new brands, rebuilding existing brands
  • Association: More than 50+ Large Pharma companies have trusted us in their brand communication needs
  • Reach: Our verified database of Retailers and Doctors are useful in any brand communication needs

We fulfil the gap by understanding customer needs and choosing the best Digital Service hence reduces their efforts & increases business productivity.

With our services you can reach out your information to 4.56 Lakh+ Retailers & 7.21 Lakh+ Doctors across various speciality.

We are confident that any drug prescribed by a doctor can be procured at the shortest notice as retailers would have access to the detailed information about the entire gamut of new drugs, schemes, promotions, stockist and drug manufacturer details through our network. Better still, all this information can be sent to mobile phones in a matter of seconds.


Recognition & Certifications